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A business without a healthy culture is just a building.



A business without a healthy culture is just a building.



Most people will spend an average of 90,000 hours at it.

How you show up every day at work no matter what your title: this is who you become.  

  • How do you listen?
  • How do you communicate?
  • How do you solve pressing problems?
  • How do you know what the right questions are to ask are?
  • How do you feel at the end of your day...week...year? 

Your time you will spend working is an important, significant part of you.

Why not make it better? Why not make it more enjoyable and more fulfilling, even in small ways?

Why not take the challenge to become the best version of yourself and spend those 90,000 hours in a way that inspires you and your teams.  

Why not make your organization and your culture a place of wellness and potential, rather than stress and unhappiness? 

We empower people to become better listeners, and teach the art of better conversations and communication, the benchmark of enlightened organizations.

We help leaders, organizations and teams evolve

and create healthier happier work places.



Engaging the hearts, minds and talents of your people is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.

What if enjoying ourselves was the key to improving our learning and performance?






culture building

It's pronounced OrangeDog

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, determination, health, play, balance, freedom and fascination. 

The colour orange relates to social communication, stimulating two way conversations; it gets people thinking and talking.

Z stands for Zen, which for us is seeking simple,  elegant solutions. We are not looking to make things more complicated. They already are. 

Dogs evoke great spirit and a deep capacity to love.  They embody the playfulness of a child, the energy of a protector and the loyalty of a true friend.

Dogs don't wear watches. They live in the moment, which is always fresh and new.

Dogs remind us to be our own best friend.



who are we-.jpg

who we are

who we are

Who are we

Anne-Marie Dekker - The Connector

Let's Trash The Rules

I've been racking my brains what my bio should say. Ah the operative word "should."  Where will that lead me? Not to my strengths of genuine connectedness, empathy, and learning. I am not perfect. What am I? I'm insatiably curious. About people. About your world. I want to catch stories. I want to explore what endless possibilities are available, create colour, help you build new frontiers, not reshuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Bragging rights:

I can be like Mohamed Ali - I come out fighting wearing lace gloves. It's the wabi-sabi in me.

David Frank Gomes - The Catalyst

What is your stick?

The most successful entrepreneurs are obsessed about solving a problem. They are like a dog chasing a stick.

Find your stick. Find something that pulls you forward in a compelling way.

I believe everything interesting always starts by having brave and provocative conversations that matter, without borders or judgment.  From that place, inspiration is allowed to blossom, new ideas emerge and a better future is born.

Bragging rights:

Human caregiver to the worlds greatest poodle Biscuit.  Living with Biscuit is like living with a ZEN MASTER. There are many lessons. I understand very few of them.

Certified Strength Finders Coach

Monika Kawka - The Explorer

The Only Way is Through

I take discovery seriously.  Being on the road is a source of inspiration and joy.  It's the energy of forward motion, the excitement of new possibilities.

I vote for little push generating lots of pull.

I ban but and promote and.

I believe anybody can start where they are.

Bragging rights:

I climbed Himalayan and corporate mountains.  I am the master of finding lost threads.


What we do


What we do


Things are perfect just the way they are and there is plenty of room for improvement

Every organization must figure out how to turn rapid change and uncertainty into greater possibility

Emerginetics , points of you coaching game

When the shoe fits, the foot is forgotten.

Good solutions absorb the problem and transform them naturally.  By using action and experiential learning we help people and teams own the changes they are making. Our unique process creates trust,  empowerment and allows people to experience transformation in their bones. We design and assist in creating a road map for your people, and then allow them to drive the car, rather than be a passenger.

We're not selling bread, we're selling yeast.

We create bespoke personal development programs, so employees and teams can thrive in the new realities of the 21st century landscape. Our approach involves the art of assisting or making easier the progress or improvement of something. You decide what that something is and we employ strategies to create the transformation, using a wide variety of techniques, depending on your unique situation.

process opens the door, but you must enter with your own two feet.

We use the power of beautiful questions and connective inquiry to create idea villages inside of organizations which harness the power of the collective wisdom inherent in your people - this always leads to fresh approaches and real world solutions, and fosters a sense of excitement and anticipation about the future, rather than planning your next escape.


No matter how hard you hit a bell it will ring - that is why it exists

Humans are born to care; enviroments either encourage or discourage the human capacity to care.  We believe that for organizations to thrive, they must build a caring, resilient work force. The goal is not to build better rules, but how to empower teams to create better solutions.

I’m no longer quite sure what the question is, but I do know that the answer is yes
— Leonard Bernstein

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